Different Sizes of Pipette Tips For Different Usages

Posted by anna on April 15, 2022

10ul Pipette Tips

Are all pipette tips the same size? If you use a 10ul pipette, you should learn how to properly insert and remove the tip to avoid any leaks. You should also know which pipette is used and whether it is compatible with a universal tip. There are many types of tips to choose from. These tips are available in bulk and in racks for space savings. You can even autoclave them if you need to sterilize them.

The first consideration is the precision and accuracy of the tips. Using the wrong pipette tip can result in contamination of the sample or reagent, and it can also result in repetitive stress injury. Buying a high-quality tip can reduce the risk of this. You may also wish to consider the shape of the tip. The right tip will prevent leaks from the pipette and make it easier to extract the desired amount of solution or sample.

The ShaftGard 10ul pipette tip reduces the chances of contaminating the sample and the pipette. It is longer than a micro-10 tip and is designed to fit into 2 and 10-mL pipettes with a universal conical shaft. Only Rainin pipettes can accept this type of pipette tip, which guarantees accurate measurements. It is recommended that you decontaminate the pipette after use, as the bacteria and other contaminants will be able to spread in the sample.

The GenFollower 10ml pipette tips are made of virgin polypropylene and are available in a range of sizes and designs. They feature universal compatibility and are autoclavable up to 121degC. These pipette tips also have a low sample retention micro-point design. They feature clear graduation marks, a tamper-evident seal, and 10,000 tips per pack.

These tips are more affordable than sterile options and are ideal for many non-sensitive applications. They are commonly used in laboratories to load agarose gels or isolate DNA. They are also available in bulk or in convenient reloads. However, most of these are not sterile. Nonetheless, you can always autoclave non-sterile pipette storage boxes. They come in boxes designed for everyday use.

The GenFollower pipette tips have a long reach design that helps them to reach the bottom of a 1.50ml EP tube. The sterile tips are autoclavable at 121degC for 15 minutes. The GenFollower pipette tips are a micro-pint design and are compatible with all leading pipette brands. They are sold in a case of 10 bags.

200ul pipette tips

Two-200ul Pipette Tips

Two-200ul pipette tips are lightweight and can be used with almost all pipettes with a yellow color code. Each tip has a graduation at 20uL and 100uL, and comes in both bulk and racked formats. Bulk tips are yellow in color, while racked tips are colorless. These tips are packaged in convenient rack formats, and the internal wall of each tip is smooth and silicified.

Scilogex refilled pipette tips are a great economical alternative to disposable ones. These tips are made of virgin polypropylene and are universally compatible with most pipettors. Each tip has graduated markings for precise volume measurements and is Rnase/Dnase free. The pipettor compatibility test covers the entire Simplette line. The tips are easy to install and are designed to fit any standard pipettor.

The Most Important 1 Ml Pipette Tips

If you're just starting to work with a pipette, you may be wondering what the most important 1 ml pipette tips are. Well, there are a few things you should keep in mind, and here are some of them:

Micropipettes should have a large button on top next to the plunger. Press this button to release the tip. Then, grab the base of the tip and remove it from the liquid. Then, discard it into a disposable tip disposal container or autoclavable garbage bag. The remaining biohazard could be present in the tip. Therefore, proper disposal of pipette tips is critical. Once removed from the liquid, they should be discarded immediately.

Micropipettes are available in two types: hard and soft stops. The soft stop will draw the sample into the pipette, while the hard stop will force the air out of the tip. Be sure to use the soft stop, since it's important to avoid leakage. Otherwise, the sample won't be collected. To avoid problems, purchase sterile micropipettes. These are very important for experiments.

Micropipettes come in many standard sizes, and the most common ones measure volume in tens of microliters. The first one, P2, measures one milliliter, while the second one, P200, contains two milliliters. There are also micropipettes with a red tenth or hundredth of a microliter marking on the tip. Despite their size, the first two are essential.

5 Ml Pipette Tips

BRAND 5 ml pipette tips are slender and flexible, measuring 9.6 mm in diameter and 160 mm long. They are available in bulk tips or as resealable bags. TipBoxes can hold up to 28 tips and are refillable and autoclavable (121 deg.). BRAND pipette tips are endotoxin-free. They are suitable for biomolecular applications and are manufactured by Avantor, a vertically integrated company that supplies discovery to customers worldwide.

BRAND Pipette Tips: These tips are compatible with BRAND and Thermo Fisher Scientific pipette systems. They are made from virgin polypropylene and are fully autoclavable. The clear lift off lid makes it easy to find the tip that you need with minimal effort. These pipette tips are not compatible with the Rainin Light Touch System pipettors. Despite the high quality, they are priced affordably.

BRAND Pipette Tips: BRAND's pipette tips are packaged in resealable zip top bags. Each box contains 28 tips for 5 mL pipette tips and 18 for 10 mL pipette tips. BRAND's TipBoxes are durable and withstand repeated autoclaving. This means that BRAND pipette tips are a safe, reliable investment.

BRPI®® Micropipettes: Designed for multiple applications, Scilogex (r) Pipette Tips are made from virgin polypropylene. The Scilogex 17400025 pipette tips are compatible with most leading brands and many others. They come packaged 50 tips per box. These disposable tips are compatible with a variety of pipettes and autoclaveable. A complete assortment of LABSOLUTE(r) pipete tips is available.

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